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...custom sewing, my daily creative platform, achieving joy, creating esteem, moving towards improvement, consistency, communication, art, concentration and motion… my love and freedom...

I have been creating made-to-order clothing since I have completed my studies. This creation has not only taken wing, but it has just escalated into something much broader and more comprehensive. That is something that I never could have imagined. I learned more about sewing by having my mother and other relatives wear my creations: first my mom and then other family members… but this did not only include sewing… it also included using my imagination, the proportions and asymmetry of the body, working with materials, cuts, trends, and the combination of colors. I like to create a new unique piece of work together with my customers in this task. The customer brings her feelings and personality and it´s my responsibility to tune in and turn the initial abstract idea into the perfect creation to be worn by the customer.

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