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Custom sewing and clothing design creation have been part of me from the day I was born. I chose to become a lady's dressmaker as an apprentice and I even got in touch with customers even during my studies. I was amazed by this process. Over time, I discovered the secrets of designing and tailoring and I have also understood that something worthwhile can be created only through mutual learning between a customer and myself, as well as openness and confidence. Meeting the customer is important, but today I have come to realize that it's not enough. A designer should not only listen to the customer, but it is also necessary to guide her as well. In doing so, a dress designer must use her experiences and skills to move with grace through to that original creation that will be appreciated by both the customer and designer.


My desire to create original garments was established in 1999 under the Nicole Matéffy brand. When creating original models, I feel completely free and I can allow my abstract ideas to become reality. For each model, I wish to find a woman who sees the world like me. A lovely garment should not only enrich the customer's wardrobe. It must also enhance the mood and feeling of everyday life.


The events of which I was an active participant at random, such as "The Summer Collection Show" to the grand opening of the Angels Galéry in České Budějovice, The Valentine Collection 2012 for the "Českobudějovický deník" newspaper or my attention in The 2011 Fashion Weekend in České Budějovice: The showing of formal dresses at the Hotel Zvon ("The Party Dresses Collection").

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